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Concept and Execution

Abhishek Rajan

Abhishek Rajan
DPS R K Puram 1997

Special Thanks to Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Arunabh Das, Piyush Shah, Gaurav Gupta, Mukul Seth, Vipul Gupta, Gunjan Pradhan, Varun Sethi, Vipul Garg, Meghna Banerjee, Aneesh Krishna, Gagandeep Singh, Gaurav Garg, Thamin Rashid and to everyone who has contributed to this effort in the least bit by thought or action.

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The history of this site can be traced back to the summer of 99. It was the month of July and I was making a site for my class XII-I (RKP 1997). The site came up as a useful platform for remembering the old times cherished by our class. The address of our site was then homepages.msn.com/BondSt/xii-i . Many months later we decided upon including all the other classes of our batch and soon we had generated a community of more than 100 dipsites. The new site had the address dipsites.cjb.net.

But all along the way we had a dream, of a site where all of us could relive those nostalgic moments. A community of dipsites on the net . A site which does not have the exclusivity for a particular batch or school. A site where it's always "Us" and not "Me" or "Him" or "Her". We noticed that such sites already existed in the form of Alumni.net and batchmates.com. But are these really what a dipsite deserves? All that we want is a little bit of that human touch and we found that none of these big alumni sites offered any. And that's what inspired us to take up this initiative. The result is what you see today .....

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United We Scream Divided We Fall : The Class that was ..... XII-I Class of 1997
XII-I Class of 1997, Delhi Public School, R K Puram

Stupendous work. So XII I is back at least on the net. The title of the site is what I like most...XII eye..too good. Ma'am Raghavan will be mighty pleased when she comes to know that her name is being used as a security check courtsey abhishek. Until we meet again .Bye .
Shlok Kapoor

Fabulous effort abhishek.never thought something this amazing would ever happen.2 years in college, but college never felt as warm and lovely as school.thanks for bringing those wonderful memories back.i hope this page is as successful as our class was. hi! to everyone i haven't been in touch with.
Meghna Banerjee (XII-I)

This is really amazing . congratulations shakey for doing this wonderful thing as a means for geting everyone together. i am currently in Bangalore and will come to Delhi end of this month .willl definitely join up for the chat session.
Varun Bakshi

This is an amazing website and I am sure one of the first of its kind (specially as a class website). Sheikhi has made a commendable effort and has got all class mates back in touch. All thanks to our chhota Rajan!!
Gunjan Pradhan (XII-I)

shakeybhai, ekdum jhakaas site hai baap! many many badhayians!

Damn good work, Abhishek. Now i can keep in touch with all my old school mates. By the way I'm doing a course in Graphic Design. keep up the good work .
Saurav Roy

WELL DONE !!! BUZO!! THAT'S A TERRIFIC JOB ACCOMPLISHED. so nice to get in touch with our longlost friends.for those interested in me i'm doing eco(h) from s.r.c.c. will join the chat room . bye.
Vineet Madan

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