As the evening spreads, the silence is broken by the chirping of birds. At far corner Valmiki sits in his ashram with his disciples, answering their queries on his marathon epic portraying the life and times of the ideal king Lord Rama, the incarnation of Vishnu.

Ram Kavya - staged by DPS RKP in October 93Dance-drama by DPS children
It promises to be a "mega" dance-drama performance in more than one way. A production budget close to Rs. 6 lakhs, over 150 artists performing on a 90 by 40 feet stage, and the script itself based on Valmiki's Ramayana.
The only thing "small" about the performances will be the performers - School children in the 11-16 age group.

- The Times of India, 30 September 1993

scene from Ram KavyaRam Kavya was one of the highlights of DPS's extra curricular activities in 1993. After establishing its credentials with Starlight Express the previous year, DPS RKP followed it up with another sterling performance in Ram Kavya. Blessed by dance maestro Pandit Birju Maharaj and brilliantly choreographed by Mrs. Vaswati Misra, the show held the audience at the DPS RKP lawns enthralled one and all.

The effort that went into it was back-breaking with practice frequently continuing till midnight. It was well worth it, with everyone performing his or her part perfectly. The age old tale of the Ramayana was backed up by excellent music and lighting, and sets which were especially good. It was a technical and artistic marvel and a perfect showcase for Dipsite talent.
On the whole, another feather for DPS in a cap that is already rather full !!

The proud production team of Ram Kavya
The proud Production Team of Ram Kavya

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