SURDAS : An annual day comes with a touching bhakti

Scene from Surdas

- Higher than the school standard : Coming from untrained school children, the presentation held superbly for its delivery and sense of timing.Thus it was a joy to see a cohesive group of over two hundred participants on stage.

- Although it was a school production the standards were higher than those of a professional group. An enjoyable and excellent evening.Surdas Comes Alive

The Annual Day for the session 1994-95 was held on 20 December, 1994 at the Siri Fort Auditorium. So, when a premier school in Delhi decides to have its Annual day Function, what makes it so special ? According to the DPS fraternity, "We at Delhi Public School R K Puram, once made a pledge - we shall aspire and attain perfection and excellence in all our work". And attain it they did, with

Surdas - A brilliant dance drama put up by over two hundred students, which received rave reviews in newspapers across the city for the high professional standards of the performace, as well as for the theme potrayed through the chosen topic. The choice of the story of surdas, to follow our previous successes with Starlight Express and Ram Kavya, was well received and highly praised from many quarters. The theme was rather well chosen, one thought, at a tine when the so called elite of our society has its collective mind towards the west.

Here's to another great DPS success !!


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