Yeh Kya Fatta Hai ?!
by Devyani Sethi,
Neha Raghavan

Compiled from the Dips Diary (1994-95)The Corridors

Move to class!! The bell rang 5 minutes ago! This oft repeated and quite dreaded order, bellowed in varying volumes much to the chagrin of the partying majority requires more practice than one might assume. To the long suffering school appointments, it seems like only yesterday that the forms were out and normal emergency procedures followed, here's a Flash Back :

Teachers were wished at all hours, much to their astonishment. Skirt hems were let down and nails were cut, hair combed and tied and most unbelievably, socks crept up and miraculously metamorphised to an even shade of grey. All too soon, it was time for the dreaded interviews.

The investiture ceremony was the first breathing space that we got, as we looked forward to many more in a nice, relaxed, rosy and glamorous final year in school. But a life of inactivity was too much to expect as the rigours of daily 'duties' converted even the laziest of us into raving workaholics.

School days became a long series of barking and snapping at everyone to attend assembly or class, bomb checks, attending assembly, . . . . all the better to serve as 'role models' for our carefree juniors and sparked off amongst them, the "Oh no ! Not them again!" syndrome, but hey, we still enjoyed the endless meetings (OAT zindabad), teas, lunches and 'Polite conversations'. But the maximum amusement was afforded to us inadvertently, by you - to paraphrase Winston Churchhill,

"Never have so few, laughed at so many, at so little".

Morning Assembly - Behind the ScenesKudos to the winners of the 'classic excuse prize' for bunking assembly -

  1. 1. We came to see the trees in Panchvati, but we can't seem to locate them. Can you help us ?
  2. 2. We've come to practice for whichever house is currently in the OAT.
  3. 3. We belong to the ..er ... Pet Club, we've come to feed the rabbits/guinea pigs/mice... (This last group had five people for each rabbit in the school)

Our other great memories are of walking into the ladies' room and having people stop combing their hair or applying eyeliner, in honour of our grand entrance.

Believe us, it was quite flattering to be gaped at or hearing whispers of "Look who's coming, let's get outta here". We hope you were as amused by our presence as we were by your reactions.

So, to all the people who groaned as we shoved them back to class, or laughed hysterically as we ran helter-skelter as and when bombs went off.... we're really gonna miss you. Thanks for being around, being absolutely crazy and for keeping us on our toes. We wish we could be here long enough to repay the compliment.

Devyani Seth (Head Girl)
Neha Raghavan (Cul. Secy)

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